martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Replacement at work


This is a short dialogue for the final presentation

E: How are you men?
K: fine
C: fine
E: Did you see the simpsons yesterday
C: Yeah, of course i do
K: I couldn't, what was the chapther about?
E: That fat beer always is hanging bart, he makes me laugh a lot
K: and the simpsons is a satirical parody of american society, even bill clinton appears saying he was a bad president
C: that's true, i liked a lot when homer goes to vote for obama and when he choose the sistem gives the point to McCain
E: and they say that fox news gives altered information
C: yeah they say too many things
E: and springfield belongs to many states
K: that homer had a lot of jobs
C: In the simpsons everything can happen. Bart's first word was "AY CARAMBA" because he saw homer and marge fucking
E: there is a part that makes me laugh a lot, when homer says to bart "rat boy".
K: and what about the part asked in the blog
E: which?
C: mr thompson part
E: ahh yeah, that was very funny
E: and there is another chapter very funny, when marge says all the bad things of homer she spend all the chapter in that.
K: all the character are so funny, homer a fat, rude, drunk.
Marge and lisa are not so funny, but sometimes marge say some things
Bart is a rebel and Maggie has a shotgun in the baby crib.
C: this parts are very funny too, homer against prohibitión, the monorail one, there are a lot of them.
E: the drawing are so good, they don't have eyebrows, when it appears the drawing were so ugly, now they have 22 year on air.
K: ok boys, see you later i gotta go to class
C: this semester is over we are so busy, let's go to class
E: bie guys, peace
C-K: good luck

Kevin: K
Camilo: C
Esteban: E

lunes, 4 de abril de 2011


The Simpsons takes place in the fictional American town of Springfield in an unknown and impossible-to-determine U.S. state. The show is intentionally evasive in regard to Springfield's location. The name "Springfield" is a common one in America and appears in 22 states. Springfield's geography, and that of its surroundings, contain coastlines, deserts, vast farmland, tall mountains, or whatever the story or joke requires. Groening has said that Springfield has much in common with Portland, Oregon, the city where he grew up.
Springfield is the fictional town in which the American animated television series The Simpsons is set. A mid-sized town in an unknown state of the United States, Springfield acts as a complete universe in which characters can explore the issues faced by modern society. The geography of the town and its surroundings are flexible, changing to address whatever an episode’s plot calls for. Springfield's location is impossible to determine; the show is deliberately evasive on the subject, providing contradictory and impossible information.
Springfield was founded in 1796 by a group led by Jebediah Springfield (also known as Hans Sprungfeld) that, after misinterpreting a passage in the Bible, left Maryland trying to find "New Sodom." After he refused to found a town where men were free to marry their cousins, half of the group left. The dissenters founded Shelbyville, after fellow pioneer Shelbyville Manhattan, and the two cities remain rivals. Springfield reached its pinnacle in the mid-20th century, when it became the home of the world's first Aquacar factory; one half of the U.S. was said to wear Springfield galoshes and Springfield's streets were literally paved with gold. The town's prosperity faded; a Time cover story on Springfield was entitled "America's Worst City", and Newsweek called the town "America's Crud Bucket".

Guest Stars on the Simpsons

Bill gates

Bill Clinton

Elton jones

Fidel castro

Stephen Hopkins


George bush

Mel Gibson

Brytney Spears

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tom Hanks

Main Characters

Maggie Simpson:
Maggie is the youngest child of Marge and Homer, and sister to Bart and Lisa. When Marge became pregnant with Bart, she and Homer got married at a chapel in Las Vegas. To support his impending family, Homer all but demanded a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, impressing its owner, Mr Burns, with his aggressive submissiveness. When Marge became pregnant with Lisa, two years later, she and Homer bought their first house. Another six years later, Homer felt financially secure enough to finally quit his job at the Power Plant and take his dream job at Barney's Bowlarama. However, Marge became pregnant with Maggie, so Homer, once again unable to support his family, was forced to reapply for his old job. By the time Maggie was born, Homer had shown great signs of distress, but he managed to find motivation in the form of his new-born baby girl.
During the earlier seasons of the show, Maggie's equivalent of a hallmark was to trip over her clothing and fall on her face while trying to walk, causing a loud thud on the floor, but this was toned down in the later seasons. She has penchant for her pacifier, on which she is always seen sucking.